Sunday, July 28, 2013

I go by Elle Jay, a designer, makeup junkie, music addict, and love all things with an edge.
Currently residing in Brooklyn with my homegirls Dee & Hee where we literally eat sleep&breathe together to motivate and encourage one another to create whatever we are loving at the moment.
Hope to share and inspire you with all things that gets my creative juices flowing!
Please show us some love and support and come out and play with us! 


bracelet made by YOURS TRULY, elle jay

black dress: h&m / underneath lace skirt: beacons closet / polka dot socks: boutique in korea / red boots: Shoemint / leather zipper handbag: AlexanderWang

Decided to go with NYC's most seen color, BLACK ON BLACK, to draw some attention to my bracelet, and added some drama with a pop of red to add some flavor.

With love & fashion,
elle jay


  1. PERFECTION! you have such a rad look and style. you remind me very much of YOON of AMBUSH. & amazing blog the both of you.