Friday, August 16, 2013

trip to Honduras

I teach english they teach so much more
backyard of the school

The reason why I was so MIA for these few past weeks is because I went abroad to Honduras to teach english for a few weeks.
It was one of the most wonderful experiences I had in my life.
Of course there were so many hardships along the way, such as the language barrier and culture differences but through and through it was such a blessing experience.

Aren't the plants absolutely beautiful here? I couldn't get enough of the natural beauty of the country! 

Meet woori(meaning "us" in korean) he always took naps under my desk while I graded numerous papers and prepared for classes. Such a softie in the inside but acts tough and scary when he needs to be the dutiful watch dog.

After teaching eight classes a day with as many as 50 students in each class, the missionary's wife there always made us this delicious drink to alleviate our sore and tired voices.

She graciously gave me the recipe that is absolutely to die for. The drink is made dominantly from limes that grow plentiful in Honduras. Its sour, with a hint of bitterness with added sweetness and cold as ice! It is truly to die for.

1:1 ratio lime wedges and raw organic sugar
Leave the concoction in a large jar and mix every few days
After about a week or two use a ladle to scoop out the syrup
Add the syrup and water to taste and of course don't forget the ice!

Super easy but easily a summer favorite drink!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my trip abroad!

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